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With innovative tools, technologies and processes, Liberty Tire Recycling is dedicated to finding new and better ways to reclaim, recycle and reuse end-of-life tires for eco-friendly products. Our efforts keep billions of pounds of material out of landfills, contribute to the well-being of our communities and the long-term health of our planet.

Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem, and preserves natural resources for generations to come. Our ESG program is a company-wide sustainability strategy across all areas of the business and at all levels throughout our organization.

The foundation of the Liberty sustainability strategy is based on the following four pillars and key areas of focus:       



Learn more about how tire recycling contributes to a greener planet.

Team Safety

Proactive Safety Initiatives

What Does Safety Look Like At Liberty Tire?

We are proud of our safety record, and we work daily to be proactive about identifying hazards and reducing risks to our employees.

Liberty Tire has active and open engagement with its employees, focusing on zero injuries, zero fires, and an aggressive approach to injury case management.

Mike Herbert, Liberty Tire’s Directory of Safety, described Liberty’s collaborative approach to safety between corporate and the field: “It is what’s different about Liberty. We support our sites, and know our people are vital to our business. To be successful in promoting safety, it’s important to provide value and build trusted relationships. “Many safety professionals make the mistake of visiting a location with the sole purpose of identifying discrepancies. Although this is important, it is not always the best approach.”

Research suggests that 90% of all injuries occur because of a lack of knowledge, shortcuts, and/or poor decisions. Recognizing this, our Health and Safety Team is onsite to identify hazards, offer hands-on practical training, coach employees, reviewing near misses, and working together to continually improve.

Our employees are involved in daily safety observations in an effort work together with management ensuring a safe workplace. In addition, Liberty’s safety programs consist of site Safety Committees, Anonymous Safety Suggestion Program, and an aggressive STOP WORK Authority Program.

Several of our team members in leadership roles at Liberty Tire Recycling were previously facility owners and bring many years of experience. They understand the tire recycling industry and have keen insight into operations, equipment, potential hazards, and risk management.

Liberty Tire leadership and the health and safety team members work closely together to share ideas, knowledge, and best practices to continually grow and mature our safety program.

Safety awareness for employees starts on the first day of their job. Employees complete a documented, comprehensive new hire orientation, which includes a message from the CEO, employee introductions, classroom instruction with exam, facility walkthroughs, site-specific safety videos filmed on location, a Q&A session, and lastly an assignment of a “buddy” who works a similar position to offer additional guidance and answer any questions.

The Health and Safety team at Liberty Tire completes comprehensive reviews of our general safety system at all our locations. In the example above, Jim Gilbert, Facility Manager at the Salt Lake City site, led the walkthrough to review all system procedures and proper protocols with the team.
Left – Auburndale Safety Manager Austin Schneider and employee
Middle- CCH Forklift Training
Right- Mike Herbert Fire Safety Training in Salt Lake City

Each employee at Liberty continually strives to implement “best-in-class” operating systems. Barry Mathis, Chief Human Resource Officer, says, “Liberty Tire Recycling is determined to mitigate risk to our people. We are committed both personally and financially to this objective.” If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for improvement, contact a member of our corporate Health and Safety Team at