Delivering Used Tires to Wholesalers and Retailers Worldwide

Liberty Tire Recycling sells and delivers used tires to wholesalers and retailers worldwide. We carry used passenger, light truck, virgin truck, regroovable truck, agricultural and off-the-road (OTR) tires. Additionally, we sell truck tire casings and OTR casings. We offer rim sizes from 14 inches to 26 inches, and professionally load trailers so they can safely carry the highest possible capacity, saving you time and money.


Quality + Safety

Our standardized quality inspection process and highly trained grading specialists help us maintain an industry-leading position.


35+ Facilities

Our sites located in multiple states mean we can reduce your freight costs and expedite your deliveries.


Delivery Worldwide

We provide freight delivery anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the world. You name the place, and we’ll get it there.



Our sales team members speak English and Spanish so you can conduct business in your preferred language.

Benefits of Reuse

High-quality used tires are less expensive than new tires and just as dependable. Our skilled grading specialists ensure that only the best tires make their way into the used marketplace, so safety is never sacrificed.

Reusing tires also improves the long-term health of the planet by extending the life of existing tires rather than turning to new ones. This ultimately reduces waste and supports a green circular economy, a key consideration factor for consumers. By putting used tires back on the road, we displaced approximately 275,000 metric tons of CO2-e that would have otherwise been generated in the manufacturing of new tires.


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Types of Used Tires We Sell

You need high-quality used tires, and we’ve got ‘em.

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Passenger Used Tires

We have the widest variety and largest number of used passenger tires in the world, spanning passenger tires to performance, truck and SUV ones. They are sold by categories from Grade 1, which is the best, to Grade 4, which is the most affordable. Purchase any mix and quantity from us today.

A large red eighteen wheeler

Truck Used Tires

We know used truck tires are a unique segment of the industry, and that is one reason we have one of the best selections of used commercial truck tires. Besides the tires themselves, we also sell truck tire casings and regroovable truck tires. Find out what we have in our inventory today.

ATVs driving through mud

OTR Used Tires

Finding used, reasonably priced off-the-road (OTR) tires for heavy vehicles and equipment can be a challenge, but we have you covered. We also sell OTR casings and regroovable OTR tires. Buy OTR used tires from us today and save.

A red tractor sitting in a field

Agricultural Used Tires

Agricultural businesses cannot afford to lose any downtime if they get a damaged tire. We have a wide variety of used tires for tractors, harvesters, trailers and other types of equipment so their operations are not out of commission for longer than absolutely necessary. Let us find the right fit for you.

Quality and Safety Are at Our Core

Quality and safety are the bedrock of our organization because we are determined to improve people’s lives by ensuring we have a habitable world for generations to come. From taking care of our workers to doing our part for the end consumer, quality and safety are critical to our mission.

With that foundation, we hire highly trained professionals to grade the tires we collect and decide which tires are safe enough to be resold and which ones need to be recycled. Our staff understands the importance of the work they do, that people will be relying on these tires to drop off their kids at school, drive across our communities to deliver packages and help harvest the food we need.

We meet or exceed all federal, state and local regulations and conduct regular checks to ensure compliance and safety are always top of mind.


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To be part of creating a greener tomorrow, we can collect your used tires. Schedule backdoor pickups that help keep your facility safe and clean, or we can drop off a trailer for you to fill at your convenience before we return to pick it up.

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