Bi-layer Elevate Surface

This revolutionary hybrid bi-layer system combines the superior safety ratings of a loose-fill system, with the accessibility, durability and design options of a unitary system. RubberBond Elevate features a vibrant, brightly colored EPDM particulate blend that stays colorfast for years. It easily installs over a variety of substrates, saving on costly concrete or asphalt sub-bases.

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Why RubberBond?

  • Available in nine color patterns
  • Designed with a 1.5” EPDM top layer and 3.5” rubber mulch base layer
  • Long-wearing top layer for years of play
  • 16’ fall height rating
  • Thick shock absorbent loose rubber base
  • 5” overall thickness
  • Vibrant fade-resistant EPDM material
  • 400 HIC rating
  • Fully customizable 

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