What Are Commercial Rubber Playground Products?

Our standout rubber playground products are safe, durable and cost-effective. We have a diverse selection of products that include rubber mulch (loose and bonded), poured-in-place surfaces, borders and mats that add extra layers of protection in the playground and park setting. All our playground products are made from 100% recycled rubber, making it a sustainable option, and our rubber mulch is IPEMA certified for safe use on playgrounds. Rubber’s shock-absorbing properties keep children safer than alternatives and reduce the risk of serious injuries.

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Protecting Kids While Reducing Maintenance

Without question our loose-fill rubber nugget mulch is the safest playground surface on the market.. It boasts the highest fall height protection when materials are six inches deep, more than twice that of wood mulch and three times that of playground sand. You don’t have to take our word for it – it’s regularly tested using the most stringent standards from ASTM and IPEMA including ASTM F1292, ASTM F1951, ASTM F3012 and ASTM F3351.

Keeping children safe on the playground should be the number one priority and recycled rubber’s durability allows for a long lasting and quality solution. For instance, rubber mulch does not need to be replaced annually—you can go for years without needing a light top-off, since the color doesn’t fade and the mulch doesn’t rot or compress. In fact, rubber mulch can last more than 12 times longer than standard wood mulch, meaning you spend less time and money on long-term upkeep.

Additionally, our products can help your organization meet sustainability goals. We repurpose end-of-life tires others have discarded, transforming them into meaningful products while lowering carbon emissions and driving a greener tomorrow.

Our commercial rubber playground products are:

  • Preventing serious injuries because of their impact-absorbing nature
  • Making a positive impact on the environment since they are made with 100% recycled rubber
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Long-lasting, durable and immune to cracking from temperature swings
  • ADA compliant (applies only to bonded rubber mulch and poured-in-place rubber surfacing)
  • Providing superior drainage
  • Minimizing dust on playgrounds
  • Beautiful and natural-looking
  • Unenticing to problematic insects like termites and carpenter ants
  • Available in multiple complementary colors, with pour-in-place solutions customizable with an organization’s logo 

Rubber Playground Product Specifications

A boy sliding into nugget rubber mulch

Playground Nugget Rubber Mulch

  • 100% recycled rubber
  • Pieces are on average between ½ inch to ¾ inch large
  • Comes in multiple bag sizes to fulfill any job requirement in 0.8-cu ft bags
  • Five times heavier than wood mulches, so it will not float or erode during heaving rains
  • 12-year color warranty
  • IPEMA certified for safe use on playgrounds
  • Made in North America
  • Available in red, brown, black, blue and green 

Rubberfic timber borders surrounding blue rubber mulch

Border System

  • Made from 100% recycled rubber
  • 92" in length
  • Available in 4", 6", and 8" heights
  • Compliments all colors of rubber mulch
  • Designed with drainage ports so water will not pool
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in red, brown, black

Girl on a swing

Swing Mats

  • 100% recycled rubber
  • 32 inches wide x 54 inches long x 2 inches thick
  • Approximately 80 pounds
  • Beveled edge for a clean and refined look
  • Used where loose-fill mulch is typically kicked out by playful children
  • Made in USA
  • Available in Earthtone, Redwood, Forest Green and Black

Making A Difference 

1,000+ playgrounds

Across North America use recycled rubber as their surface of choice


Is the certified fall height rating of our rubber nugget mulch, meaning it reduces the risk of serious injury for falls up to that point

3x ht rating

Offered by our rubber nugget mulch over sand when materials have a depth of six inches


Offered by our rubber nugget mulch over wood mulch when materials are six inches deep

Did You Know?

Multiple departments of national resources have programs that promote using recycled rubber mulch and offer state-funded grant programs. If you’re curious what grants are available in your area, reach out.

A playground surrounded by rubber mulch

How Recycled Rubber Mulch Outshines Alternatives

Rubber nugget mulch has the tallest fall height protection for playgrounds, preventing kids from sustaining serious injuries. On top of that, it uses recycled material, lasts longer than other materials of similar composition, and stays in place better due to its heavier weight. Because of these benefits and its cost savings, our mulch is the playground material of choice for many of America’s largest school districts, theme parks, HOAs, governments and more.

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Product Certifications for Rubber Mulch

IPEMA Certificate to ASTM F1292

IPEMA Certificate to ASTM F3012

IPEMA Certificate to ASTM F3351

To view IPEMA certifications, visit www.ipema.org


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