Roof Tiles

DeckTop Architectural Tiles are ideal when a durable, resilient and slip-resistant surface is needed over fragile roofing membranes, patio decks, plazas and other applications. 

DeckTop rubber deck tiles provide the perfect combination of beauty, functionality and ease of installation for your rooftop, deck or patio. Roof DeckTop Tiles can be installed over any firm, flat surface, including fragile waterproofing membranes, without using adhesive. They feature a unique underside design that allows water to drain freely under the tiles and are 24” x 24” with a thickness of 1 3/8”.

When installed over fragile roofing membranes, SureKONNECT Pins are used to create a durable floating deck system that protects the roof from use while providing excellent drainage allowing you to capture rooftop space as outdoor living space.  

DeckTop Features:

  • Highly resilient and durable
  • Provides a softer, more comfortable surfacing
  • Extremely durable to provide lasting performance under extreme outdoor conditions, as well as indoors
  • Proven safe 
  • Naturally slip- and skid-resistant in wet or dry conditions
  • Protect fragile roofing membranes
  • Lightweight and easy to handle and install
  • Low maintenance
  • Made from recycled tire crumb rubber

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