Austin, TX


Across the country – in small towns and big cities a network of collection facilities and processors recycle car, truck and tractor tires to reuse as the base of innovative, eco-friendly products and to rid the North American countryside of a tremendous amount of waste material. The landscape is changing, and Liberty Tire Recycling is at the forefront of a revolutionary conservation industry. As the top tire recycling company in North America, Liberty Tire has a wide network of production facilities. The company collects and recycles about a third of the nation’s scrap tires, saving more than 150 million tires from the waste stream each year.

With innovative tools, technologies and processes, Liberty Tire is a revolutionary North American conservation enterprise – from coast to coast, and from whole tire to end product. The company’s commitment to finding new and better ways to RECLAIM, RECYCLE and REUSE bridges the sustainability goals of scrap tire generators nationwide with those of local scrap rubber consumers.

Liberty Tire Recycling is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA


Facility Type:

  • Tire Reclamation


Phone: 877.865.2253