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World’s #1 Supplier for Used Tire Wholesalers!

We provide the majority of tires to the largest used tire wholesalers in the US and worldwide!
Nobody else is capable of supplying as many truckloads of quality used tires as we can!
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Liberty Tire Recycling sells and delivers used tires to wholesalers and retailers anywhere in the US, North and South America, and worldwide.

We carry used passenger tires, light truck tires, virgin truck tires, regroovable truck tires and OTR’s. In addition, we carry truck tire casings, OTR casings and other specialty tires.

Our experienced tire graders and sales team work hard to ensure the best quality and mix are delivered to you. We have multiple “ship from” facilities in the US and Canada to reduce your freight cost and expedite your delivery.


Why choose Liberty Tire?


  • Industry Leader in Quality and Safety Standards for Used Tire Processing
  • Over 35 facilities in multiple states of the US and Canada
  • Highly trained grading specialists that have hundreds of years of combined experience
  • Standardized quality inspection process
  • Rim sizes from 14 to 26 inches
  • Trailers are professionally loaded for highest possible capacity
  • Freight delivery anywhere in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the world
  • Experienced and friendly sales team will guide you through the entire purchasing process
  • Our Sales Reps speak English and Spanish

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Delivery anywhere in the US and Worldwide

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Our Sales Reps will stop at nothing to provide the Top Quality Customer Service!

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If you have Used Tires that need to be Collected and Recycled, please click Here

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