Did you know?

Each year, we collect and recycle more than 60% of the nation’s scrap tires, saving 190 million tires from the waste stream.

About Us

Liberty Tire Recycling is North America’s market leader

The landscape is changing, and Liberty Tire Recycling is at the forefront of a groundbreaking conservation industry. We collect and recycle more than 60% of the nation’s scrap tires, transforming 190 million tires into raw materials for smart, useful products that improve people’s lives.

We do this because we’re committed to a greener planet. According to the EPA, nearly 300 million scrap tires are generated annually—scrap tires can become a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitos and other vermin. Properly reclaiming and recycling these tires into reusable raw materials protects the environment and public health.

Liberty Tire Recycling in Action
Fast Facts
2000 Founded
2,700+ Number of Employees
26 Collection/Remediation Facilities
24 Production Facilities
190M tires collected annually to be processed into beneficial end-use products
3B Pounds of Rubber Reclaimed Annually
150 Remediated Dump Sites Since 2011
Our History

How we became the premier tire recycling company in North America

Opened first tire processing center 1950s
Launched specific products/ services 1985
Committed to sustainability, safety & innovation
Founded Liberty Tire LLC 2000
2,700+ employees across N. America
Largest fleet of trucks & service vehicles
Our Executive Team
Chief Executive Officer
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Senior Vice President - Chief Financial Officer
Senior Vice-President of Regional Operations
Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Operational Excellence
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Chief Information Officer
Senior Vice President of Support Services
Company Values

A commitment to sustainability, safety and innovation

Responsibility for a greener planet

Liberty Tire Recycling believes that each one of us makes decisions every day that determine the collective impact we have on our communities and the long-term health of our planet. We try to do our part by collecting and recycling discarded tires into useful products that, wherever possible, reduce the consumption of natural resources. We join other conservation advocates in promoting a greener and cleaner world for the benefit of all.

Support for our employees, safety and product quality

Liberty Tire Recycling has a long tradition of excellence in employee well-being, safety and product quality. We value our customers’ and employees’ confidence in the quality and safety of our tire collection and recycling processes. We maintain quality control procedures to ensure our plants are operating safely and comply with all industry standards.

Continuous research and development

Liberty Tire Recycling is always striving to improve and identify new and better ways to RECLAIM, RECYCLE, and REUSE discarded tires. We constantly evaluate our collection and remediation services to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. We reinvest in our business to support research and development in our production methods, technologies and product lines to ensure we remain at the cutting-edge of the conservation industry.


Join Liberty Tire Recycling

We periodically have open career opportunities for various positions throughout our organization. Be sure to check our Career page and openings at our local facilities.

We recognize that our employees’ safety and satisfaction are paramount and have implemented a range of employee safety and quality control initiatives.

Liberty Tire Recycling is an equal opportunity employer.