Liberty Tire Response to COVID-19


Covid cell graphic

To Our Valued Customers: We Care, We’re Prepared, and We are Operating despite reduced scrap tire flow.

Previously, we wrote to keep you abreast of our efforts to keep people safe in the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We commented on our efforts in the following areas:

Implementing the necessary CDC and WHO guidelines for facility cleanliness and hygiene at all of our locations
Providing employees with guidelines to maintain appropriate social distancing
Immediately implementing a strict policy regarding employees who may experience symptoms

Regarding Tire Collection Service, we continue to partner with our customers to make modifications to our process to ensure efficient and timely pick-ups as required. We are ready and willing to adapt to your service needs, and internal protocols. We are experiencing reduced scrap tire flow in various degrees across our network, which has required us to take steps to match-up our production process to our tire collection flow.

For our customers utilizing our recycled rubber products, we are committed to maintaining the same quality service as always. In order for us to best meet your needs, we need enhanced communication from you so that we may convert the reduced tire collection flow into the optimal end product material.

As previously communicated, for shipments being picked up at our facilities, we REQUIRE a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to ensure the appropriate paperwork is already prepared in order to minimize direct interaction and adhere to the CDC’s social distancing requirements. We love our customers & employees, and we want to do our part to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will adapt to the changing conditions in a swift and appropriate manner. Please reach out to your normal contact person should you have any changes in your hours of operation, delivery requirements, personnel interaction guidelines, etc. If you have any general questions, the appropriate contact can be found at Liberty – Contact Us.

Please stay safe and be well. We will persevere!

Best Wishes,

Steve Bigelow
Senior Vice-President
Sales & Marketing