Recycled Rubber Product Spotlight: Crumb Rubber


  • Commercial Landscaping

Crumb Rubber is produced from recycled tires that are ground into small pieces and screened to obtain uniform sizes. Crumb ranges from particles so tiny they resemble dust to pieces about one-half inch long, or a little smaller than a dime. 

Liberty Tire Recycling produces more than 500 million pounds of crumb rubber annually, making us the company to contact for all projects where topnotch ground tire rubber is needed.  

Crumb Rubber offers the most versatile uses for recycled tires and arguably the highest value, as compression and injection molders, rubber flooring producers, asphalt paving companies, and synthetic turf installers use it to design a wide range of helpful products we encounter every day.

Regardless of how it’s used, Crumb Rubber is the material of choice to lower costs, improve safety and advance lives. Beyond its sustainability, since it is made from recycled tires, rubber’s inherent properties are game changers in a vast number of industries, from consumer products to paving applications.

We make Crumb Rubber in many sizes which can be customized by our customers for a variety of applications.

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