Liberty Tire Recycling SmartMIXTM—Asphalt Additives

SmartMIXTM utilizes Sustainable Materials & Asphalt Rubber Technologies to produce
high-performing paving materials with greater durability and flexibility.

Liberty’s line of SmartMIXTM Asphalt Additives perform equivalently to Polymer Modified or Wet Processed Rubber mixes – in an easy to use dry process. Incorporated into the mix through a RAP collar, a cold feed bin, or via a modified fiber blower, SmartMIXTM’s high-performance characteristics also allow for an increase in RAP %, saving contractors money, and improving RAP mixes


SmartMIXTM utilizes Reacted Rubber Particle Technology (R2PT) to pre-swell & react rubber with liquids such as; asphalt binder, extender oils, warm-mix waxes, liquid anti-strip, rejuvenators, or other agents. In addition, R2PT can be used to coat rubber with additives such as latex emulsion, or to homogeneously combine other dry powders such as cement or lime


High-Performance – Dosages of 8-12 pounds of SmartMIXTM per ton of mix will provide modification similar to polymer modified binders. Higher doses are appropriate for gap graded or open graded mix designs

Ease of Use – SmartMIXTM provides an opportunity to do projects large and small, with no waste, since you only add what you need

SmartMIXTM is packaged in 2,000 lb. bulk bags, handles as a dry powder at the mix plant, and is completely compatible with Warm-Mix technologies

And what’s this about helping me use more RAP?

SmartMIXTM additives work extremely well with RAP. Adding rubber greatly increases flexibility, offsetting the stiffness & brittleness of RAP. Ultimately this allows you to increase your RAP content

SmartMIXTM materials are completely recyclable in the future, and have less fume and emissions than wet processed rubber or polymer mixes

figure 1

Figure 1—East Lansing, Michigan
LEFT—Superpave 5E Mix
RIGHT—Same recipe utilizing SmartMixTM

figure 2

Figure 2—Rogers, Arkansas: SmartMIXTM parking lot application

SmartMIXTM Quick Facts (in order)

  • Easy to use, on/off production – No Waste
  • Cost Effective – Jobs Large or Small
  • Performance – Similar to Polymer Modifi ed in a Dry Additive
  • Increase RAP Content – Simply add to the Mix with RAP
  • Fine Grind – Dense Graded Mixes
  • Closed-Loop Recycling – 10 lbs. of Recycled Tire Rubber for every Ton of Mix

SMARTMIXTM asphalt additives are available in the US & Canada. For more information, or to arrange your project, Contact Doug Carlson, VP Asphalt Products (602) 751-6039 or


SmartMIX™ is a licensed MIX-Maxer® product of the R.O.A.D. Company, Valrico, FL



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