Demonstration Parking Lot Project

Airport Terminal
Parking Lot

Hutchens Construction was the contractor. They produced 600 tons of rubberized mixes to cover 7,076 square yards (half of the parking lots) at a 1.5 inch thickness. The mix plant ran at 200 tons of mix per hour. A blower was used to add the SmartMIXTM material at 40 pounds per minute. About 600 scrap tires were beneficially reused in the project.

Wal-Mart Executive Terminal Parking Lot-2

Pavement Preservation Treatments

Pavement Preservation Treatments

Overlay Placed
July 13, 2017

overlay july 13 photo 1

overlay july 13 photo 2

August 25, 2017

overlay july 25 photo 1

overlay july 25 photo 2