The Process at The Plant

  • SmartMIXTM pre-treated RTR product is shipped directly to asphalt mix plants in super sacks (ideal packaging) or Gaylords.
  • SmartMIXTM is added into the heated asphalt/aggregate/RAP blending cylinder by way of a portable feeder unit via air or screw conveyor.
  • Asphalt mix is transferred to trucks and delivered as normal to a paving crew.
  • Standard Dense Graded Mixes are used.


process plant 2

process plant 3 2

SmartMIXTM Feed hopper system

Standard Dense Graded Mixes – SmartMIXTM
is PSCR (Pre-Swelled Crumb Rubber)

standard dense graded mixes

Sample Mix Design from Lake Lansing 5E1 Mix

Construction In The Field

The Application, Normal Paving Equipment Is Used:

construction application 1
construction application 2
construction application 3

construction application 5

Mix Workability Test

Mix Workability Test

Mix Workability Test 2

Comparisons of Dense Grade Workability –
SmartMIXTM is More Workable than Other Modified Mixes

Comparisons-of-Dense-Grade-Workability-2 (1)