Did you know?

The pulp and paper industry uses tire-derived fuel as a fuel in pulp mill boilers.


Our network of more than 25 processing plants converts scrap tires into raw materials that can be reused for state-of-the-art products, such as molded rubber goods, rubber flooring, rubberized asphalt and shock-absorbing athletic surfaces, as well as playground and landscape mulch.

Tire recycling and green initiatives are innovative fields with continuous advancements. Our business development team is always looking to upgrade our environmental practices and for smart, sustainable products that can be made from recycled materials.

Applications and Innovations in the News

Check out the latest innovations and applications in our industry.

See what Yellowstone National Park and Michelin USA have been doing to preserve the park’s famous geothermal features
Roads made of recycled tires provide a porous surface through which falling moisture can pass…
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Recycled tires create stronger concrete
University of British Columbia engineers have developed a more resilient type of concrete using recycled tires.
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Civil engineering makes use of recycled tires
Civil engineering projects often need lightweight fill. For a readily available, recycled fill, Bernie Mills of Stantec Inc. chose tire-derived aggregate.
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