Green Facts

The equine performance industry reports noticeable improvement in movement, flexibility, hoof quality and in the reduction of fluid retention with recycled equine pavers.

New age pavers are less than 1/6 the weight of old padded materials, saving the energy of transport costs.

The Roundup

Liberty Tire Recycling provides a complete service profile of collection options, including backdoor pickup, drop-and-hook pickup, and drop-off sites.

Backdoor Pickup

Liberty Tire dispatches a fleet of box vans daily to visit customer sites directly, removing scrap tires by hand on a periodic basis to keep our customers’ facilities clear of waste.


Customers who choose drop-and-hook pickup are left with bulk trailers to fill at their convenience, and Liberty Tire takes the load away with a tractor when full.

Drop-Off Sites

For do-it-yourselfers, tire deliveries are accepted at any Liberty Tire facility.


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