Green Facts

The equine performance industry reports noticeable improvement in movement, flexibility, hoof quality and in the reduction of fluid retention with recycled equine pavers.

New age pavers are less than 1/6 the weight of old padded materials, saving the energy of transport costs.

Eco-Friendly Service

With the largest network of tire recycling facilities in the nation, Liberty Tire Recycling is a one-stop, coast-to-coast tire collection service.

Tires of every shape and size are collected from a vast line-up of customers at more than 60,000 locations nationwide. The company maintains a network of door-to-door reclamation services with processing plants at strategic locations throughout the country.

And to rid communities of dangerous abandoned tire piles, Liberty Tire has remediated more than 150 dump sites littered with nearly 40 million scrap tires during the past 7 years, exceeding any other organization in the nation.