Green Facts

A considerable amount of tire-derived aggregate for civil engineering applications come from stockpile abatement projects.

Every cubic yard of tire-derived aggregate provides a beneficial end-use for 75 used passenger tires.

Crumb Rubber

Liberty Tire Recycling has the nationwide capacity to produce more than 250 million pounds of crumb rubber annually for a wide variety of innovative uses...
  • Welcome mats
  • Rail road ties
  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Acoustical underlay
  • Portable speed bumps
  • Weightlifting plates

At five crumb rubber manufacturing locations, Liberty Tire produces a wide variety of mesh sizes with 30- as the finest. For certain applications – such as those required to make automotive parts and coatings – Liberty Tire provides crumb rubber as "feedstock" to companies that produce finely ground rubber powders.

But beyond molded rubber products and coatings, crumb rubber enhances the surface of our world, from highways to horse tracks...

Where the rubber meets the road.

Rubberized asphalt highways ride quieter, last longer, and use significantly less paving material than traditional asphalt. Crumb rubber comprises 15- to 22-percent of the mix in rubberized asphalt along with traditional binder. But the result is anything but traditional.
  • Enhances nighttime visibility
  • Improves resistance to cracking, rutting
  • Ages and oxidizes at a slower pace
  • Reduces tire noise
  • Decreases splash and spray when wet

Rubberized asphalt diminishes maintenance costs and provides a smoother, safer ride for motorists. And rubberized asphalt is laid using the same equipment as traditional asphalt, requiring no additional capital investment for contractors or municipalities.

This grass is always greener.

Crumb rubber enhances the performance of a variety of sports surfaces, providing infill for sports fields, and paving for running tracks and equestrian surfaces.

Crumb rubber adds cushioning and springiness to protect athletes. Surfaces made from crumb rubber dry quickly, drain excess moisture, reduce dust and mud, and minimize freezing. Rain or shine, a field comprised of crumb rubber is always ready for action.

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